DOH! Here’s why you hire a professional

DOH! Here’s why you hire a professional

This is a great lesson in 2 things, actually.

1. Why you shouldn’t attempt to do things like this when you don’t know what you are doing.

Answer: Because it could be a COLOSSAL backfire on you.. like this one.

ad placement fail

Now, in defense of both the advertiser and the website, neither one of them KNOWS or is aware about this debacle. And in all likelihood, no one who would be super sensitive to this would see this either. But its still in bad form to not think this one thru.

This leads to lesson #2

What is Remarketing and how does it work?
The definition will explain how this can happen if not super careful. Adsense pushes ads to a website that wants to feed ads. Website gets paid for showing ads, based

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on their traffic. An advertiser, will take code, much like google analytics and install it on THEIR website. When traffic comes to that site, a cookie gets dropped on the visitors browser and tracks that they were interested in this particular site. If a purchase is made or not is also tracked and then dealt with as per the preferences of the advertiser.

So, you’ve got a page that is serving an ad to ME (and I may be one of FEW that actually get this ad) because I’ve been to the advertiser’s website and have not purchased anything. So, it will show me those ads anywhere I go that subscribes to the same network. Other people might see a Macy’s ad here, or a Toyota ad.

As innocent of a mistake as this is, a professional would have probably considered the sensitivity of the page content and filtered out the possible damaging options. Fortunately for both the advertiser and the website, this will likely have minimal exposure.

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