IDEAS Design: November News

IDEAS Design: November News

Hey everyone, its been a while since my last email or post. There’s TONS of stuff going on you all need to know about. I’ll try to keep this real brief. Any of you are welcome to email me or call me directly (954-522-7470) if you have any questions on anything.

I will try to post more often in short little posts of important info. I have moved most of you to a blog subscription from the email subscription be cause I intend on blogging more than emailing. If you would like to opt out of this blog subscription you can simply go to the site subscription page and unsubscribe.

So first a WARNING about a recent email virus scam that’s been going around. If you get an email that looks anything close to this:

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!! Since the growth of Google Voice and email delivered voice mails, the virus spreaders are taking advantage of

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this delivery to trick people into clicking the links to load up a trojan/virus/adware, etc. Unless you are SURE the link is coming from YOUR Google Voice line, do not click it. Typically Google Voice will also have a text transcript of the voice mail in the actual email anyway.

Next, It’s important to keep up to date with your WordPress site and security updates, and to make sure you have a strong password, i.e. upper and lower case letters, numbers and a special character such as !@#$%^&* and at least 8 digits. If you do just those two things, you will reduce your risk of hacking by over 90%. Hackers take the easy ways in. Don’t be an easy target. WE are now offering a monthly maintenance service plan to update your WP site as updates come out and continually monitor the site fro any hack attempts or malware injections. Go here to check out the plans.

It’s Holiday time again. Time to beef up your Adword and Facebook campaigns. Let our marketing experts help you with your campaigns to make the most out of your Holiday push! Call or email us to set up an appt to get things moving.