Protect your Trademarks on Google Adwords

Protect your Trademarks on Google Adwords

Use Google’s General Trademark Complaint Form to stop competitors from infringing on your brands online.

Let’s say Huntz wants to drive potential customers to its web site every time someone searches for Heinz. What they could do is open a pay-per-click account with Google or another search engine and bid on the keywords “Heinz.” Then every time a consumer searches on that search engine for “Heinz” Huntz’s ad would appear in the sponsored results.

Well, fortunately for trademark holders, this is against the law insofar as it creates a form of infringement known generally as initial interest confusion. What can you do to stop it and protect your brand online? Simply follow three steps to create a Google pay-per-click monopoly for your brand:

  1. Assemble a list of your trademarks
    Depending upon the size of your organization, this may be as simple as your company’s name or

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    as complex as the name and multiple trademarks used to identify your company’s various goods, services, and advertising campaigns.

  2. Registered and unregistered trademarks
    In assembling the list of your trademarks, determine which are registered with the U.S. Patent and

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    Trademark Office and which are not. For those that are registered it is highly recommended that you have their registration number available. For those that are not, it is advisable to get an application on file to protect the same prior to the next step as Google is more likely to respect your trademark rights if you retain an application or registration number from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  3. General complaint
    File a general trademark complaint with Google using Google Adwords Trademark Complain Form. Google will then investigate your claimed rights in the trademarks submitted and, if such is able to be verified, will then preclude others from bidding on your trademarks in pay-per-click advertising and diverting your customers away from your web site using your own trademarks against you.

So go online and get that Google pay-per-click monopoly for your brands. It’s just that simple.