Low Memory Apps

Developing Apps for Lower-Memory Phones


logo_low_memory_appsOne of the largest and most quickly growing segments of phone penetration is outside the United States. Mostly in areas where the large bandwidth that we have grown accustomed to in the U.S. is not part of their networks yet or simply restricted by the technology and infrastructure. But those markets are still looking for apps and downloading anything they can get their hands on.  

About 800 million phones with more limited functions than smartphones were sold in 2013 globally. And that number is increasing at a constant rate. If your app  or “App idea” has global implementation ability, then you should really consider taking a look at the low memory version of it to get the greatest market penetration. Low Memory phones typically have lower than 256 Mb of storage space so core “in phone” files need to be very lean and efficient.  

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