Windows Apps


Windows mobile is a Microsoft launch also referred as Smart operating systems for mobile devices. Windows is richly adopted as a preferred Smartphone all over the globe. Diverse features like gaming, emailing, chats, scheduling, unlimited chats, document sharing and much more with Windows. All that a gadget freak demands is well fitted in Windows mobile phone. Microsoft is definitely a brand to rely upon and offers an unmatchable amazing mobile Smartphone as Windows to meet al purposes may it be entertainment or entrepreneurial.

Develop Mobile App is an effective team of dedicated talented experts providing the quality services all over the globe with time and cost savvy benefits. We at IDEAS Design offer complete windows mobile application development Windows mobile is a amazing gadget with finest quality windows mobile software development.

When good technologies meet with professional expertise of utilization it turns in highly productive results for the mobile user. That is accurately delivered at IDEAS Design to meet all possible interaction and data exchange goals of clients in the highly professional environment of mobile application development. We optimize following technologies for premium windows mobile application development :

  • Windows mobile SDK
  • Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 (integrated development environment (IDE))
  • MS .NET compact Framework 1.0 and MS .NET compact Framework 2.0
  • MS Embedded Visual Studio
  • Mobile VB (App Forge)
  • Active Sync

IDEAS Design offers complete mobility solutions for Windows mobile phones by customizing applications for end users, so that their business, personal, entertainment interests are best served.

Our expert mobile development team strictly adheres to development plan. The applications developed are rigorously tested, before their final deployment, which ensures that our mobile applications perform excellently on your mobile.